Warehouse Management System (eWMS)
Real Time Information visibility for Multiple Warehouses
and Distribution centres with Productivity Measurement Indicators

Warehouse management system supporting multiple warehouses, Integrated with Productivity measurement analytics, Invoicing and Mobile Barcode scanning for put away and picking with location management

Our WMS has been deployed for 3PL's, Distributors, Wholesaler's in Chemicals, Electronics, Fashion, Automobiles, Construction tools and others in Singapore, Malaysia and India

Warehouse Management System

All incoming order information is uploaded in advance and mobile devices capture items on receipt thereby reducing the paperwork at the work floor area. All items coming into the warehouse barcoded are straightaway processed and those without barcodes are affixed and are put away into designated location.

WMS displays the graphical layout of the racks and the products therein. Location management helps to manage quality program and transfers.

Outgoing orders in advance form created are used to pick the items from the storage location.

Mobile devices with built in barcode scanning helps to clearly associate products and location and facilitate accurate picking of items for delivery.

User accountability, product traceability and productivity measurements are some of the key features of the warehouse management system.

Services in the warehouse are captured and billed to respective customers. Storage charge generation is automated and it greatly saves the man hours otherwise spent on manual calculation.

Analysis of goods transactions into and out of the warehouse are available in multiple report formata along with the sales / invoicing reports gives an overall snapshot of the business.

Our Warehouse management system not only captures all the transactions in a warehouse or a distribution center but also helps to measure and improve productivity.