Biometric Attendance System
Real Time Attendance Visibility
and Man-hour calculations for Pay-Roll

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System to capture Real-Time Attendance to prevent buddy-punching, eliminate manual records and facilitate easy Pay-Roll calculations.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Management System

Biometric systems have gained popularity because they are fool proof and eliminate buddy punching. Companies operating with multiple shifts and different group of employees have different overtime calculation consideration. Shop floor employees may have different criteria for the overtime worked, different lunch timings for employees all make it tedious for users to manually calculate the total hours worked, overtime worked and monitor any exceptions.

Case-Study : A 3rd party logistics company operated with different working hours for warehouse operating staff ,office staff, drivers and other support staff. Warehouse staff have some break time before they start the overtime work but the office staff did not have break time. Different lunch timings for staff also complicated calculation of individual overtime calculation.

Punch card system was being used for many years to monitor staff attendance and also calculate staff overtime for calculating overtime pay and also monitor exceptions. Buddy punching was another factor that created suspicion on the actual number of hours worked.

Biometric Finger Print reader series UA 400 /300/ 200, from ZKTeco, a leading manufacturer of biometric devices is used to capture the IN and OUT timings of all employees . Employees scan their fingerprint for every IN & OUT and also during their lunch time. All the working hour parameters for different groups are set in the system.

Reports & Data Analytics : Customised reports are developed to display the clock IN & OUT timings real-time. Attendance details can be checked real time for any employee and summary details are also provided for any selected period. Overtime worked during any day or summary for any period is available just by click of a button. Exception reports to display the lateness or any other deviation in the working hours or the lunch time are all captured.

Advanced Data analytics can be done based on the customer requirements to mine meaningful information from the data.

Company has thereby freed up the manpower resources required for the tedious attendance calculation and information is available real-time for the management. The man-hours / days worked can be linked to payroll system for salary preparations without much human intervention.