Cyber Security & Data Analytics

Cyber Security:
We understand the importance of protecting information assets to ensure continuous availability and protect data from theft. We believe that human element is the weakest link in the security chain and work towards training people to be aware of ever changing threat landscape and help minimize human mistakes that make it easy for cyber hackers to steal data.

We follow basics principles of info-comm security best practices, policies and models for identification, authentication and maintaining integrity and confidentiality. Analysing network traffic, conducting ethical hacking, network intrusion detection and penetration tests, SIEM, network forensics are some of the many techniques employed to protect and secure information assets from cyber threats.

Data Analytics:
We help our customers gain insights from the data stored in various systems. Better insights means better business decisions and outcomes. We thereby help customers to provide more personalized services – cheaper, faster and better.

We import data from various sources, clean, merge and organize them in visual and tabular presentation to extract meaningful insights from data.

We use variety of Tools ranging from Excel, Power BI, SQL Reporting tools, Python, Qlik, Tableau and others.