Trucking Portal is an online portal to facilitate match-making of truckers and shippers. Portal aims to maximise capacity utilisation and reduce empty backhaul of trucks.

Online Trucking Portal

Truckers and Shippers often lack the right information at the right time. Asymmetry of information leads to either party spending more time and resources in order to ship the goods. Many times, the trucks have to return empty on their backhaul trips because the trucks could not get cargo on their return trip.

The online platform allow truckers to list their schedule in advance. Shippers can also list their cargo shipment requirements in advance. Advance information allows the truckers and shippers to find either their customers or service providers. System matches the corresponding truck schedule with appropriate cargo shipments on the same route or enroute.

Alerts are sent through Email / SMS / Telephone. Truckers can bid for jobs and shippers can award the job based on truckers track record, price and other factors. All jobs are tracked from start to finish with proof of delivery. All events are recorded for future analysis and recommendations.

New features being added include tracking of vehicles using GPS positioning system and displaying Real-Time location of vehicles on maps. Mobile APPS help users to access the application through mobile devices.

Many benefits of using trucking portal is ability to handle higher work-load, efficient match making, routing and match-making of vehicles and cargo. Immense data will help to analyse and provide better value added services to customers.